PCB Assembly Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing process revolves around a sophisticated and simple quality assurance system designed to target the six sigma product quality, Coupled with responsive and personalized local service capabilities. We continually optimize our manufacturing process to improve product quality, product delivery and product service.

Objectives like this can only be attained by having a qualified and experienced workforce who know the Australian market.

We always strive to use Original components and have many quality and regulatory certifications including UL,16949, RoHS, ISO9001 to name a few. We also have sophisticated X-ray inspection equipment, AOI Inspection and 100% Inspection of all products before delivery.


Quality Assurance

OurPCB Takes Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Seriously

That’s right, being a true  multinational company we take Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction  very seriously !  Its you the customer who benefits.

We Are Here To Serve You

At OurPCB we believe we are here to serve the customer.  When we provide you with a service we aim to make the experience better than anything you have had before.  That way we know we are confident you will keep coming back.  We constantly strive towards a never ending cycle of improvement and this means constant change to meet the changing demands of the market.