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Do you need PCB design and layout services, or a combination of PCB design requirements, to turn your idea into a real product, OURPCB group will guarantee, and guarantee the quality, delivery on time.
Please use the right of the form and send us your inquiry about the request of the PCB design services, and include as much detail as possible.

PCB design service


PCB Design work is the process of taking a schematic capture and making it a reality. The PCB is the end result of he schematic design phase and one of the most important sections of the design but most often not given the effort it really needs. A poorly design PCB can be hard to manufacture and can cause poor EMI issues. In the case of RF designs can lead to the product failing to function at all. With more than 7 years of PCB design work, OURPCB has the experience and knowledge to help develop a good PCB design. Even if you do the design in house OURPCB can review the PCB and potentially pick up any issues before you go to prototyping. A simple review of the completed PCB might help to reduce the number of prototypes and help keep costs down.

About Our engineers

Our engineers are supported by our skilled PCB designers who work closely with our manufacturing to ensure the best solution.

They have established PCB guidelines to ensure complete compatibility with the manufacturing facility resulting in a high quality and highly manufacturable design.

Our experienced PCB designers have a high degree of competency in single sided, double sided, and multi-layer designs.


How to design pcb?

All PCB design varieties are catered for from simple single sided boards, to complex multilayer impedance controlled designs using the latest technologies.
Whether you require a board designed from your supplied schematic or an existing design modified and updated, please feel free to call discuss your specific requirements or to obtain a quote.
We have created a full range of PCB designs from the simplest of single sided boards with a focus on reliability to dense multilayers designed to meet the needs of the latest high-speed data processing technology. End uses encompass consumer products; high speed data; telecommunications;
biomedical and to defence for use in aircraft and submarines. I have also designed flexible and rigi-flex designs for both commercial and defence applications.


Various issues about the pcb design

Design for manufacture is an important aspect of the PCB design phase, poor designs can lead to difficult assembly processes and unnecessary costs. Also various other issues need to be considered some of which are:


  1.   Size of the PCB for most efficient panelisation on PCB manufacturers sheet size
  2.   Minimize the number of hole sizes for efficient PCB drilling.
  3.   Design for maximum possible pad size.
  4.   Specify the greatest possible tolerances.
  5.   Follow Component Spacing & Orientation guidelines.
  6.    Know your PCB manufacturer as they might have some special needs or requirements that will help reduce the costs and also they can give your their tolerances and capabilities so as not to design beyond these. There are many other things to consider when a PCB is designed such as tooling strips, tooling holes these need to be in line with the PCBA companies needs. Fiducial marks, panelisation methods legend solder masks PCB material and copper weight. PCB design is a complex mix and constant battle of compromises.


Other electro design service


Our engineers can do other Electro design service:

  1. PCB design(Schematic design, Layout design and PCB assist service)
  2. 3D printer design service
  3. The use of wind and solar power design service.
  4. GSM, TTS GPS positioning device
  5. Distributed Temperature Acquisition System Based on GSM
  6. Other electro design systems if you can update us the functions and special requirement.


How to get a design quotation?


  1. If you want a PCB products, can you let us know the functions and special requirements and applications. Our engineers can give you best solutions.
  2. If you have finished the schematic, and just need our engineers assist PCB layout design. That is ok too. You are welcome to send us your schematic, you will get quick reply about the assist job.
  3. If your design do not satisfy you or your customer. We can also provide PCB design revised service. With your requirement we can revised or redesign a new one for you.
  4. If you PCB is very simply and you just need to copy it. Sure, our engineers can do some thing about this project. Pictures and samples needed.


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2 layer design

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This is a multi-function control board based on the ARM9. There are 64M SDRAM, 64M NANDFLASH, Audio record/play, RS232 and RS485 interface, 10/100 network interface, LCD interface, and TTL I/O etc.

The size is 12cm*8.5cm.

This is another micro-control board based on ARM9. There are: 64 SDRAM, 8M DataFlash, AC97 Audio, 10/100M network, USB host and SD card etc.

The size is 12cm*8.5cm.

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This is a RF reader based on ARM7. There are: RS232, USB Device, I2C interface, Character LCD interface, 8*8/4*4 keyboard etc.

The size is 8.6cm*7.5cm.


4 layer design

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This is a DAC, I/O board using PCI standard.

This is a relay control board, optical coupling isolation type 6 road, 3 road relay output and interlock output all the way.Board has 32 m SDRAM integration, 64 MB NAND Flash, SD card, 10/100 m network, 4 RS – 232 interface, USB Host and USB Device interface.
Board services are: SAMBA services, HTTP service, input and output condition monitoring, etc.

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This is a Mosfet Relay control board based on ARM9. There  are 64M SDRAM, 64M NAND Flash, Mosfet relay, 10/100 network, camera interface, Micro SD interface and etc.


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This is a DMX512A control board based on ARM9.

The size is 10cm*16cm.

This is a Core board using AT91SAM9260, there are: 64M SDRAM, 64M Nand Flash.

6 layer design

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This is another Core board using AT91SAM9260. There are 32M SDRAM, 64M Nand Flash, RS232 interface, 10/100M network interface. And all the CPU pins are expanded.

The size is 7cm*8cm.

This is a PMP solution using AT91RM9200, there are SD card, audio processor, USB, RS232 interface and OLED interface.

The size is 4cm*7cm.

pcb design9


















This is a Core board using S3C2440. And the max running speed is 500MHz.

The size is 5cm*7.7cm.


This is another Core board using AT91SAM92620.And the max running speed is 240MHz.

The size is 6.7cm*3.5cm..

8 layer plate design 8 layer design

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This is a development system based on Intel’s PXA270 board provided NAND Flash, SDRAM and 64 m 64 m the board the highest operating frequency is 600 MHZ.
The size of the core plate is 6.7 cm * 4 cm.

This is the effect of the board will run WinCE.

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