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It is very important verify the function of your design ASAP! The most easy way is buy everything from online components store, and hand mount your board, which also can make yourself debug the software also.

Just 7 working days get your design ready, with high quality, fast delivery, and low cost. OurPCB offers ROHS, ISO9001 EMS services since from 2006.

electronic turnkey

Quantity 5 Pieces Lead Time 7 working days
Number of layers 2 Layers Max board dimensions 6300 X 3900 mils / 160 X 100 mm
Material FR-4, Tg130 Finished Thickness 63 mil / 1.6 mm
Min Trace/Space 6 mil / 0.15 mm Min. Drill Size 12 mil / 0.3 mm
Copper Weight 1.0 OZ Surface Finish Immersion Tin

Order flow:

Order Process


Quality Target:The company make the following quality targets:

Non Automobile products:
Rate of the first passed products:>95%
Rate of delivery on time:>98%
Rate of customer’s complaint:<1%


Automobile products:
Rate of the first passed products :100%
Rate of delivery on time :100%
Rate of customer’s complaint::<0.5%


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

Q: OurPCB is an Foreign Trading company?

A: No! We are an PCB Assembly manufacturer, who responsible for assembly service, Like SMT, DIP and so on.


Q: Who responsible for the PCB board manufacture?

A: Our cooperation factory to responsible making PCB board for us.


Q: What kind assembly service?

A: 1 – 24 layer PCB board assembly service, End-products assembly service, Packaging service.


Q: What kind other service OurPCB provide?

A: OurPCB provide: Function testing, PCB and PCBA clone service, Purchasing service, IC decryption, and Porgramming service.


Q: Do you have MOQ requirement?

A: OurPCB haven’t MOQ requirement, just different quantity with different price level.


Hello, are you still looking for some manufactory to test your PCB circuit design ?

we offer 3-6 workdays delivery time for make prototypes.


And should you send us the gerber file. we would give your detailed information about the production at once, such as quotation, delivery etc.


welcome your consultation…


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